Lynn and her Lagotto puppy, Mucca, at one of the artist’s favourite dog-friendly Erskineville cafés, Café Sofia. DECEMBER 2014



Lynn Stanton is an artist/illustrator/graphic designer living in Newtown in Sydney’s inner west.

On recent overseas trips her travel journals consisted of ‘little drawings’ which were observations of everyday life and iconic structures. Her ‘little drawings’ tell ‘little stories’.

Using Caran d’Ache Luminance pencils and Traveler’s Company notebooks, she created tiny images wherever she went. Frequently seen drawing in cafés in Japan, Bali, Denmark, France, Mallorca, and Portugal, and in airport lounges, planes and trains, Lynn has often been described as ‘prolific’.

Back in her hometown of Newtown she has continued at a a slightly more leisurely pace. Her delightful drawings of Newtown and surrounding areas can now be seen in local cafés and retail shops.

Although other artists have been creating artworks of similar subjects, Lynn’s emphasis is on everyday life in her local community. She observes the minutiae of life and has a keen eye for detail. Whether it’s the inclusion of a certain breed of dog popular in the area, or a fashion item favoured by her fellow inner west residents, a nod to longstanding businesses that have survived strong competition as the area expands, Lynn captures the local flavour in a way that others don’t.